I found an awesome online tool that can:

1) Help you locate your properties easily by APN/county (use this aerial view against realtor.com to assess price and use it in your online marketing when you go to sell the property);

2) Provide you with 1,000-2,000 records per month (and for some counties tax delinquent records are available).  Easily export the records to Excel to do your mailings with;

3) Provide you with Property Profile Reports so that you can determine who the current owner of record is, see legal description, assessed value, transfer date and price, plat map, neighbors, etc. and more.

This tool is an inexpensive way (Only $18.00/month with the discount) to easily access Property Profile Reports, farm data for mailings, and aerial views of your properties by APN.  This is invaluable to our business, and the online service has assessor data for most populated counties so that means you can extract your vacant land list directly from the site (and you can filter by assessed value, use type, and much more)

To see if this can help you with the counties you work in, go to: AgentPro247 and click on “How it Works” to see the geographical coverage. You can also sign up for a free trial and if you like what you see, you can save 10% per month as an ongoing discount when you enter “LAND” in the Partner ID box under ‘Sign Up Now’ through an agreement I worked out with them.  I have found this to be extremely beneficial for my business and if you want to see some of the aerial & plat maps that I have used from the service, you can check out the maps in this property that I have for sale.

I hope this tool is as beneficial for you as it has been for me!  Hopefully AgentPro’s data coverage works well for the counties you work in too!

P.S.  If you decide to sign up for this service, be sure to click Update after you enter ‘LAND’ in the Partner ID box under Sign up Now so that you receive the recurring 10% discount.  You will see all the different packages that are available and each package includes the aerial views.  And, when you are checking out, enter 99999 (or any 4-5 digit #) in the Real Estate License # box and select John Hooker from the drop down list as the Sales agent.

As always, feel free to ask questions! 

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