Jack Bosch
Jack Bosch

In a nutshell, here’s the system:
1. Buy land for pennies on the dollar
2.  Buy directly from Owners (not through a tax sale)
3.  Buy free and clear properties (some don’t even have back taxes owed)
4.  Pay 5% – 25% of market value
5.  Sell quickly for multiples
6.  Sell with owner-financing and you’ve got passive income (my favorite)

Jack has personally bought and sold over 5,500 properties, and he sells 30-40 properties per month consistently.

Why Land? No Tenants!  No Toilets!  No Termites! It can’t be stolen or vandalized and there is virtually no maintenance.

What’s “In the Box” of the Land Profit Generator?

– Finding a Great Area
– How to Get a List
– How to Filter the List to target sellers
– How to mail letters/postcards (including templates)
– How to talk to Callers when they respond and call you!
– How to determine preliminary value & make offers
– How to conduct final property research
– How to close with or without a Title company

How to find masses of buyers online/offline (you can wholesale or retail)
– Techniques: video, pay-per-click, social networking

Each session has a piece on how to OUTSOURCE…so you can automate pieces that you don’t want to do!  AND, the course comes with a 6-week webinar series!

Jack releases his system for a very limted time beginning on Mon. 11/16 @ 9:00 am PST. Click here for my free gift offer

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