Okay, guys, The Land Profit Generator is available for sale. Should you decide to invest in Jack Bosch’s land investing training system, through MY LINK, (if you use anyone else’s link, including Jack’s, you won’t be able to get the free gifts from me), here’s what I can offer you after the 30-day trial period:

  • Gift #1 – One Hour Phone Conference w/Me (ask me anything you want about this land investing business and I’ll help you however I can!)

  • Gift #2 – Postcard Targeting Sellers (just change the logo to make it your own & send to Click-to-Mail to begin mailing!)

  • Gift #3 – Caller Questions Form (what you ask Sellers when they answer your letter and call you!)

  • Gift #4 – Offer Worksheet (Excel spreadsheet to plug in the market value & back taxes owed so you know what to offer Sellers!)

  • Gift #5 – FAQ Sheet (to include with your offer letter…tells sellers things like “when do I get paid”, “what happens next”, “do I have to pay the back taxes”, and more)

  • Gift #6 – Re-Offer Letter (cool little letter to send a couple weeks after your first offer to purchase expires…Sellers can actually write in the price they want!)

  • Gift #7 – Purchase Due Diligence Checklist (what county offices do you call for what?  Get your questions answered before you buy a property)

  • Gift #8 – Neighbor Letter (once you own a property, send a letter to the nearby neighbors and offer to sell to them first!)

  • Gift #9 – Realtor Questionnaire (if you’re going to use one, find a GREAT ONE – here’s a great email you can use to screen them before you select one!)

  • Gift #10 – Discount Coupon (entice buyer’s with this cool little coupon – change the logo to make it your own!)

  • Gift #11 & #12 – Property File Checklists (keep your file folders organized and make sure you have ‘these things’ for when you purchase & when you sell!)

  • Gift #13 -#17 – Calif. Purchase Agreement & accompanying Disclosure Documents, “As-Is Sale”, etc. (used when you Sell the property).  These alone cost me over $1,300 to have reviewed w/Calif. attorneys!




Again, here’s my own personal story of how this business has worked for me.  CLICK HERE

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