Reneé Riker shares her land investing journey and offers tips!

Just back from attending the IRCA-sponsored event where Jack Bosch spent the entire day teaching about his Land Profit Generator course.  It was a sold out event that was packed with content and the group asked many great questions.  As usual, most investors have been told to “stay away from land”, which is just fine by us land investors…the more for us!  As you’ve seen in my previous posts, land investing has been very enjoyable for me and very profitable and I’m now at a point in my investing career where I want to take it to the next level by outsourcing even more so that I can get more deals under my belt.

Also, I was honored to be invited to answer land investing questions at the IRCA “Pro Corner” in July so if you have any land investing questions Reneé, Jack & Lindseybring them with you on July 6th and sign up at 5:30 pm and I will help you however I can.  The meeting will take place at the Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle (at Sepulveda & the 405  San Diego FWY) in Culver City.

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To Your Success!

Reneé Riker

If you are looking for an opportunity to hear Jack Bosch speak about his Land Profit Generator program in the Los Angeles area, this is your chance!

The exclusive all day training event will take place this Saturday, May 8 at 8am until at least 4 pm.  Registration will be at 7:15 am so go early, have some coffee and get yourself a good seat.  The meeting will take place at the Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle (at Sepulveda and the 405  San Diego FWY) in Culver City.

You need to preregister by either calling IRCA at 818.678.6269 or clicking this link:  JackBoschSeminar.  I plan to be there and look forward to meeting you!

Quick Status Update

It’s been awhile since I posted anything but hey, I’ve been busy buying and selling land!  I just picked up 9 properties within the last couple of weeks (from sending only 37 letters I might add), and I have one property in escrow for sale now.  For you fellow land investors, I would love to hear from you?  How’s your business going?   Feel free to check out my Twitter and Facebook pages and let me know if you have any questions.  Take care! 🙂

For those of you who would like to check out Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator land investing system without buying the program first, how about attending his seminar in Los Angeles, California on March 19-21, 2010 so you can determine first hand if this is a good fit for you?  I’ve been to many real estate seminars over the years and this is sincerely the best in my opinion as Jack gives you three full days of in depth training.  You can reserve your seats HERE.  Jack even offers a money back guarantee.  He will refund the cost of your tickets if the seminar does not exceed your expectations.  I believe he will also apply the seminar purchase to the cost of the LPG course material should you wish to purchase it.   Check it out!

Another Cash Sale in Escrow & term sale closed!

Hi Guys,

Haven’t written a post in awhile.  For those of you still sitting on the fence as to whether or not this program works, let me tell you that in my first year I have already sold 6 of the seven properties I purchased and my profit margin average is 75%  One was sold with owner financing and the others have been cash sales.  Next step for me is to incorporate assigning contracts for cash.  While enjoying the profits from land, I’m struggling with the high cost of tenants!  Love No Tenants – No Toilets – No Termites!  Any questions?  Please ask.

I’ve been asked by one reader to talk more about how the Jack Bosch Land Profit Generator training course applies to different types of people.  Well, that’s a pretty good question actually so I’ve given it some thought.  In previous posts I’ve said “don’t buy this product if you’re going to let it sit on your bookshelf and collect dust!”  That’s where you come in.  You have to ask yourself if you’re going to actually DO SOMETHING with the material.  I can tell you from personal experience that Jack Bosch’s land flipping training system works and you can check the “Show me the Money” post below for more details about my first deal, and in addition to that first one I have added two more sales…one I paid $5k for and sold for $22k cash and another I paid $3,700 and sold for $8,500 with owner-financing, and I work this business part time.

So, now let’s talk about what types of personalities this type of a business/system might be a good fit for….definitely people that enjoy computer work, administrative work, and working from home.   If you don’t like computers and/or office type work this might not be a good fit because you do your research online, like checking out property values through online websites, viewing aerial maps, checking taxes owed through county websites, etc.  And, you print and send letters, purchase agreements, and answer phone calls with both buyers & sellers (this part used to freak me out a bit but now I enjoy it).   If you’re an out-doorsy type person and would feel ‘cooped up’ doing this type of work this might not be the right fit for you personally; however, if the idea appeals to you and you enjoy real estate investing, maybe you could partner up with someone and divide responsibilities.  Everyone has to find their own comfort zone, and much of this business can be outsourced.  I have personally chosen to do most of the work myself with the exception of closing transactions and managing my own loans.  I use an escrow company to close my transactions as I don’t personally want to do that, and on the sales side, sometimes I use Realtors and sometimes I don’t.   And, rather than manage my own loans, I have outsourced that to a loan servicing company because I don’t want to do that either.

So, there you have it.  My own thoughts on who this business might be a good fit for.  Hope this helps, and as always feel free to comment/ask questions!

If you want to purchase the program, use THIS LINK HERE and my Free Gift offer still applies.

Just a quick post to say that Jack’s system works. If you are at all real-estate minded, check it out 😮

Hi Guys, I just found out from Jack Bosch that there are a few copies left of his land flipping training course “Land Profit Generator”. Not sure how long they will be available so if you’re interested snap one up now by clicking on THIS LINK HERE!  And, if you order in time you might still be able to get in on the free seminar in Los Angeles with Jack March 19-21, 2010!

Click here to see the free gift offer from Land Profit Generator student Renee Riker, me!

Click here to read my own story of how this training system has worked for me, and read through the site for more information about this system.  As I always say, if you are at all real-estate minded, consider this.  It’s an awesome niche that’s different than anything else.

Okay, guys, The Land Profit Generator is available for sale. Should you decide to invest in Jack Bosch’s land investing training system, through MY LINK, (if you use anyone else’s link, including Jack’s, you won’t be able to get the free gifts from me), here’s what I can offer you after the 30-day trial period:

  • Gift #1 – One Hour Phone Conference w/Me (ask me anything you want about this land investing business and I’ll help you however I can!)

  • Gift #2 – Postcard Targeting Sellers (just change the logo to make it your own & send to Click-to-Mail to begin mailing!)

  • Gift #3 – Caller Questions Form (what you ask Sellers when they answer your letter and call you!)

  • Gift #4 – Offer Worksheet (Excel spreadsheet to plug in the market value & back taxes owed so you know what to offer Sellers!)

  • Gift #5 – FAQ Sheet (to include with your offer letter…tells sellers things like “when do I get paid”, “what happens next”, “do I have to pay the back taxes”, and more)

  • Gift #6 – Re-Offer Letter (cool little letter to send a couple weeks after your first offer to purchase expires…Sellers can actually write in the price they want!)

  • Gift #7 – Purchase Due Diligence Checklist (what county offices do you call for what?  Get your questions answered before you buy a property)

  • Gift #8 – Neighbor Letter (once you own a property, send a letter to the nearby neighbors and offer to sell to them first!)

  • Gift #9 – Realtor Questionnaire (if you’re going to use one, find a GREAT ONE – here’s a great email you can use to screen them before you select one!)

  • Gift #10 – Discount Coupon (entice buyer’s with this cool little coupon – change the logo to make it your own!)

  • Gift #11 & #12 – Property File Checklists (keep your file folders organized and make sure you have ‘these things’ for when you purchase & when you sell!)

  • Gift #13 -#17 – Calif. Purchase Agreement & accompanying Disclosure Documents, “As-Is Sale”, etc. (used when you Sell the property).  These alone cost me over $1,300 to have reviewed w/Calif. attorneys!




Again, here’s my own personal story of how this business has worked for me.  CLICK HERE

Click here to see my free gift offer. If you’re gonna buy this thing and let it sit on your bookshelf to collect dust, DON’T BUY IT.  It you’re going to put it to good use, GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

Candid interview with real world Land Profit Generator student, Reneé Riker. Listen in on the ‘real’ questions & answers. Hype or Real Deal????  Listen for yourself by clicking the picture below…


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