Reneé Riker shares her land investing journey and offers tips!

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Jack Bosch
Jack Bosch

In a nutshell, here’s the system:
1. Buy land for pennies on the dollar
2.  Buy directly from Owners (not through a tax sale)
3.  Buy free and clear properties (some don’t even have back taxes owed)
4.  Pay 5% – 25% of market value
5.  Sell quickly for multiples
6.  Sell with owner-financing and you’ve got passive income (my favorite)

Jack has personally bought and sold over 5,500 properties, and he sells 30-40 properties per month consistently.

Why Land? No Tenants!  No Toilets!  No Termites! It can’t be stolen or vandalized and there is virtually no maintenance.

What’s “In the Box” of the Land Profit Generator?

– Finding a Great Area
– How to Get a List
– How to Filter the List to target sellers
– How to mail letters/postcards (including templates)
– How to talk to Callers when they respond and call you!
– How to determine preliminary value & make offers
– How to conduct final property research
– How to close with or without a Title company

How to find masses of buyers online/offline (you can wholesale or retail)
– Techniques: video, pay-per-click, social networking

Each session has a piece on how to OUTSOURCE…so you can automate pieces that you don’t want to do!  AND, the course comes with a 6-week webinar series!

Jack releases his system for a very limted time beginning on Mon. 11/16 @ 9:00 am PST. Click here for my free gift offer

Show Me the Money! Renee’s Story….

Jack (2nd from Left), Reneé (navy shirt) - Platinum Group Field Trip - 5/09

Okay, here are the details of my first property sale and PROOF to show you that Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Formula / Land for Pennies / Land Profit Generator system works!  Here’s a Jack Bosch student testimonial – apply these techniques and YOU can get out of the rat race!

Reneé Story: Let me begin by saying I’m probably like many other real estate investors.  I’ve purchased TONS of books and tapes (that sit on the shelf for the most part), I’ve attened MANY seminars, and spent LOTS OF MONEY on top name/company products and coaches.

What I generally learned through all of that was:  “Yuck.  I don’t want to do any of those strategies”. I didn’t want to rehab homes, OR do sandwhich lease options OR be a note buyer OR buy mobile homes, OR do short sales OR foreclosures. So what was left? I thought about investing in tax liens/deeds so that indirectly lead me to Jack Bosch.

I first learned of Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Formula home study course about this time last year.  I purchased his program and diligently listened to his CD’s, then I went to his free weekend seminar in Phoenix, AZ to get an even closer look, and there I purchased his Platinum Membership which was open to 15 (I think) students and provided closer access to Jack and included field trips (see above picture).

Throughout this first year I have been setting up the “infrastructure” of my new business (established an LLC/bank account, websites, learned how to mail-merge, found an awesome title rep who gave me access to property reports, learned about social networking, and a tiny bit about internet marketing (SO much to learn), networked with other investors (which by the way is key – don’t be afraid to talk to one another and share information!)

My Statistics: I’m a process-oriented person so I diligently followed Jack’s steps.  Here are my personal results while working at this part-time (I have a full time job):

  • I mailed approx. 900 letters to California property owners in San Bernardino & San Diego counties
  • I received approx 56 call backs, or about a 6% response rate from owners who wanted me to make them an offer
  • I sent out approx  44 offers
  • I received 6 acceptances (it’s really shocking and exciting to have a signed sales agreement show up in your mail box!)
  • I ended up closing on only 2 of the 6 acceptances because further due diligence showed that I had either over-offered, or the property was in a wash or something)
  • I paid less than $3,700 for my first property and it is on the market for $9,000 so I should double my money on this one.
  • I paid less than $27,000 for my second purchase of SIX parcels totaling 53 acres.
  • I just sold two of those parcels for $60,000, and netted almost $54,000, twice the purchase price for all six! (see the check below). The remaining four parcels are on the market for $90,000.

Another way to look at my first sale:  The net of my $54,000 nearly made me whole for the entire year’s worth of expenses, including the purchase of 7 properties, setting up the LLC, educational costs, supplies/postage, travel, attorney for contract review, etc.  The sale of the remaining 5 properties will be pure profit. Exciting, huh?  I think so.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not a “Get Rich Quick” thing.  It takes work.  But it works! As Jack points out, it’s a number’s game.  Letters = Offers = Acceptances. Learn the machine and keep the cycle going.  As Jack is famous for quoting:  Get in Line & Stay in Line! It will happen!  Persevere!

Do you know anyone who could use some extra cash in today’s tough economy? I’m not an internet marketer and I don’t even know if this blog is being seen by anyone, so if you have any real estate-minded friends, please forward this to them. And, please be sure to enter your email address at the top of this page so that you can stay connected to all the latest launch details. Thanks for listening Ü

Why Land?

Land - Dirt - Ground - Earth

Land – Dirt – Ground – Earth

The short of it is:  No Tenants!  No Toilets!  No Termites!  And, just like any other form of real estate investing, it’s all in the “buy”.  When you buy right, you make profit.  And, with the system that Jack Bosch teaches through his Land for Pennies/Land Profit Formula and completely new Land Profit Generator, you can even make land cash flow by offering owner-financing which is an awesome niche to fill because banks don’t typically like to lend on land, but you can be the bank!

If you follow Jack’s investing techniques you will make money, and there is little to no competition in land investing, especially rural land.  Jack’s technique involves finding owners who are delinquent in paying their property taxes (early, before the tax sale)…this generally means they are MOTIVATED to sell and that’s where you can find your best deals and can likely buy the property cheap!  Sending direct mail is the ticket to finding these owners and then THEY CALL YOU!

Though you can employ these same strategies in purchasing houses, land is an awesome niche because:

1) There is an abundance of it that you can purchase for pennies on the dollar

2) You don’t have to be a housing expert and know about construction, mold, termites, need an inspector, etc….you just have to do some due diligence to ensure you’re not buying a junk property.

3) There is virtually no competition with land.  Most people want houses!  And, the BEST PART is you can pay cash for the properties and not have to deal with banks and carry several mortgages.  (This works even if you only have a very small cash reserve…Jack has purchased properties for $50.00 and some people give their land away believe it or not!)

I personally love it.  This style of real investing makes sense and I can testify that it truly works!  My sister once said to me, “I don’t get it.  Why would people sell the land to you for so cheap when they could just list it with a Realtor?”  My response was, “I don’t know, but they do!”  Then later I thought about that some more and in actuality, I realized it’s a Win-Win because I am providing a service to those that don’t want the hassle of owning land that perhaps they inherited and now are “stuck” paying property taxes on.  In their mind, the property is a headache.  That’s where we investors come in.  We offer to pay them cash and close quickly and for them they are relieved of the burden of property ownership.  WIN-WIN!

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It seems these days everyone knows that real estate investing is one of the most profitable and secure markets in the world.  So why are there are so many stories out there about market meltdowns, bubbles bursting and people losing it all?

Well, there are two main reasons…
1)  Most investors are using outdated techniques, and
2)  There is a lot of competition in traditional investing methods

Yet even now as the stories run on the nightly news about a market turning sour, there continues to be a select few investors that amazingly generate and maintain huge profits in real estate.  How is this possible?

Jack Bosch is a renowned expert and active investor in the field of  Tax Delinquent Real Estate Investing, and his particular specialty is in land investing.  Jack has been successfully investing in Tax Delinquent Real Estate for years now and even though he continues to actively invest, he has recently decided to share with the world the little known tricks, techniques and loopholes of the real estate investing trade that make this business so profitable regardless of market conditions.  And, I can personally testify that Jack’s system works as I have been a student of Jack’s for the past year and I have real live results to share with you..see HERE!

Through training seminars, educational books and CD’s Jack exposes the successful, time tested and proven real estate investing systems that the “big boys” use each and every day all over the United States and Canada to make huge profits regardless of market conditions.

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Through Jack’s teachings he shows you step by step (which is key) exactly how to buy land and homes for literally pennies on the dollar.   To learn how Jack’s powerful system works, and to see and hear my personal testimonial stick with with me here as I will be sharing more and more with you as Jack’s BRAND NEW Land Profit Generator system (formerly known as Land for Pennies or Land Profit Formula) nears launch in November, 2009!

What would you do with an additional $150,000 to 1 Million dollars by this time next year?

This question may seem unreasonable to you now, however, Jack Bosch came to America as an immigrant from Germany, starting out with literally only two suitcases and a few hundred dollars to his name.  Since then Jack has built a multi million dollar real estate empire for himself and his family and now wants to share his success with the world.

Learn how you can make $150K to a Million dollars by this time next year.   Jack does not only share with you in detail exactly how to buy property for literally pennies on the dollar, but he goes beyond that to teach you how to sell that same property, fast, for huge profits …and not only how you can sell for fast cash, but also how to create a constant stream of monthly income (which is my personal favorite) that will sustain you for years even if you decide to do no more deals.

Learn how to make vacant unimproved land cash flow for you! This is powerful stuff and it will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

To Your Success!

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