Okay, I am posting some resources/business tools and tips for you here.  These are meant to help you get a jump start on your land investing business through the Jack Bosch Land Profit Generator course.  There are many resources out there for services to help you get your business set up and running; however, after evaluation of each, I settled on the ones listed below and I personally use these.   I hope these are as helpful to you as they have been to me:

Agentpro247.com – This is my favorite property research (and list getting) tool because you can do several things with it:  a) get your list online (including tax delinquent records in some counties); b) find aerial views of your property by APN so that you can use it in your marketing and more easily research value by comparing exact location against sources like realtor.com; c) get property profile reports so you can see who the current owner(s) of record are, use, size, legal descrip, sales date and much more.  This is invaluable and when you enter Partner ID “LAND” under ‘Sign Up Now’ you will receive 10% off per month.  Awesome value at $18/month!  (Enter 99999 for Real Estate License #).  Read more about this.

WordPress Themes – StudioPress offers some nice real estate themes and I use their AgentPress theme for one of my websites.  You can find someone online to tailor the theme to suit your liking through places like elance.com that will bid on your job, or designclick.com can make a website for you, and I believe StudioPress can also offer support for this.  Check them out!

Del Toro Loan Servicing – If you want to sell your land with owner financing but you don’t want the hassle of managing the loan yourself, let Del Toro help!  They are awesome and make it easy for both you and your buyers.  They make monthly ACH deposits to your account and they make it easy for buyers to send them payments.  Ask for either Drew Louis, the owner, or Dan and tell them Renee referred you!

Host Gator – web hosting made easy.  I personally use their “Baby” plan and for unlimited websites you only pay $7.95/month when you purchase 3 years in advance, or $9.95/month otherwise!  Great customer service to boot!

CloakNRotate – I just discovered this nifty little tool that creates cloaked and encrypted affiliate links, and for only $9.95 you get that plus other bonuses.  Try their free demo for yourself!

Admaker Tool – this little gadget is awesome because it auto generates ads that you can copy/paste into Craigslist or Backpage.  See this article for more information on this!

Vista Print – free business cards and website templates.  Super easy to use.  Great for your “Buying” website if you just want a quick and easy site.  I just recently switched my site from Vista Print over to WordPress, and if you’ve got some technical background/help I would recommend WordPress over Vista Print (but if you don’t, Vista Print is just fine).

Ring Central – Love this service for setting up your 800 phone #/fax.  Easy call controller on your desktop.  Can forward calls to your cell phone or anywhere and can set up customized greetings.

Postlets – Great free application to create/post real estate ads that are automatically syndicated to search engines; cool feature to cut/paste HTML and drop it into craigslist.org, and so much more.  Looks very professional.

Tweet Adder Super awesome little software application that automates Twitter.  You can add followers, tweet automatically, send direct messages & replies throughout the day and more.  Grew my followers from 30 to 3,000 in only a few weeks and now I’m over 12,000!

PayPal The easiest way to pay for purchases or send money worldwide.  Connect your own affiliate link to your website in case your buyer’s don’t have a PayPal account but they want to pay the down payment with a credit/debit card (if it’s an inexpensive property full payment might be okay; however, I typically only ask for the down payment to be paid through PayPal because PayPal takes a cut of the funds received so I collect the balance through escrow).  Very handy.

Inc File – Very easy and inexpensive way to set up your LLC.  Worked like a charm.

iContact Manage your customer lists, email marketing, auto responders, create sign up forms and more.   iContact provides a robust array of tools to create, send and track your email marketing campaigns.

BlogsbyAnnWant help setting up a WordPress blog?  Click the link to find out all the details!  Ann created this one!

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