Last week, Steve Love, Director IRCA Los Angeles, interviewed me on his ‘Prosperity Through Real Estate’ show.   We discussed all aspects of land investing, how this business works and why I love it so much.  You can check out our discussion, courtesy of internet radio


Two quick things today:

1) I just finished being interviewed by Steve Love, Director, IRCA Los Angeles for an internet radio broadcast for real estate investors.  The show will air Monday, July 5th at noon PST on So, tune in if you are interested in hearing me answer questions about this unique land investing niche.

2) I will also be answering questions at the July IRCA club meeting so feel free to bring your questions on July 6th at 5:30 pm.  The meeting takes place at the Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle (at Sepulveda and the 405 San Diego fwy) in Culver City.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Shine On,

Just back from attending the IRCA-sponsored event where Jack Bosch spent the entire day teaching about his Land Profit Generator course.  It was a sold out event that was packed with content and the group asked many great questions.  As usual, most investors have been told to “stay away from land”, which is just fine by us land investors…the more for us!  As you’ve seen in my previous posts, land investing has been very enjoyable for me and very profitable and I’m now at a point in my investing career where I want to take it to the next level by outsourcing even more so that I can get more deals under my belt.

Also, I was honored to be invited to answer land investing questions at the IRCA “Pro Corner” in July so if you have any land investing questions Reneé, Jack & Lindseybring them with you on July 6th and sign up at 5:30 pm and I will help you however I can.  The meeting will take place at the Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle (at Sepulveda & the 405  San Diego FWY) in Culver City.

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To Your Success!

Reneé Riker