Land - Dirt - Ground - Earth

Land – Dirt – Ground – Earth

The short of it is:  No Tenants!  No Toilets!  No Termites!  And, just like any other form of real estate investing, it’s all in the “buy”.  When you buy right, you make profit.  And, with the system that Jack Bosch teaches through his Land for Pennies/Land Profit Formula and completely new Land Profit Generator, you can even make land cash flow by offering owner-financing which is an awesome niche to fill because banks don’t typically like to lend on land, but you can be the bank!

If you follow Jack’s investing techniques you will make money, and there is little to no competition in land investing, especially rural land.  Jack’s technique involves finding owners who are delinquent in paying their property taxes (early, before the tax sale)…this generally means they are MOTIVATED to sell and that’s where you can find your best deals and can likely buy the property cheap!  Sending direct mail is the ticket to finding these owners and then THEY CALL YOU!

Though you can employ these same strategies in purchasing houses, land is an awesome niche because:

1) There is an abundance of it that you can purchase for pennies on the dollar

2) You don’t have to be a housing expert and know about construction, mold, termites, need an inspector, etc….you just have to do some due diligence to ensure you’re not buying a junk property.

3) There is virtually no competition with land.  Most people want houses!  And, the BEST PART is you can pay cash for the properties and not have to deal with banks and carry several mortgages.  (This works even if you only have a very small cash reserve…Jack has purchased properties for $50.00 and some people give their land away believe it or not!)

I personally love it.  This style of real investing makes sense and I can testify that it truly works!  My sister once said to me, “I don’t get it.  Why would people sell the land to you for so cheap when they could just list it with a Realtor?”  My response was, “I don’t know, but they do!”  Then later I thought about that some more and in actuality, I realized it’s a Win-Win because I am providing a service to those that don’t want the hassle of owning land that perhaps they inherited and now are “stuck” paying property taxes on.  In their mind, the property is a headache.  That’s where we investors come in.  We offer to pay them cash and close quickly and for them they are relieved of the burden of property ownership.  WIN-WIN!

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